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Remember Me

This original composition titled- Remember Me celebrates the beautiful relationship of a friend. The song describes the importance of true friendship in one's life.

Three Colours & Vande Matram

Amidst the vibrant hues of the Indian flag, the strains of 'Vande Mataram' resound, echoing the spirit of freedom and unity on India's Independence Day. Three colors, three principles, and one song unite the nation in pride and celebration.

I will follow him

Following the rhythm of 'I Will Follow Him' with every step, as it leads us on a journey of love, faith, and devotion.

Feel So Good

Radiating warmth and positivity, 'Feel So Good' encapsulates the joy of life's simple pleasures. Each note is a reminder to cherish the moments that make us smile from within.

Look who we are

This song, titled “Look who we are” is an orginal composition which highlights the rich and diverse culture of India.

The Hope song

In the melody of hope, every note is a beacon of resilience, lighting the path through darkness. 'Hope Song' whispers promises of brighter tomorrows, urging us to hold onto faith amidst uncertainty.

Odd one out

Our Girl Band, The Odd One Out, presents a cover of Back in Black!


BHAAG is the mantra which constantly motivates us to follow the path of righteousness, always. Paying an ode to the same, here is our creation highlighting the essance of this beautiful message by our founder president sir.

My Dad's A Hero

Fathers are our heroes and mentors. Celebrating the dynamic role of a father in a child's life, here is a short song- My Dad's A Hero.

Have Mercy On Us

This song, titled 'Have Mercy On Us' is an original composition which aims to reflect the feeling of helplessness and desperation shared by everyone during this pandemic.

We are Crescendo

The official anthem song of Crescendo, titled- We are Crescendo is recorded and performed by its members right from the year it first began. The anthem song aims to represent the society, it's members and it's ideals for the years to come.

Our Team

We, Crescendo, The western music society are a family of friends who work together to put up many successful events and to celebrate a shared love for music. Take a peek at what constitutes this beautiful team.

Carol Singing

Christmas under lockdown served as a catalyst in spreading a positive energy and a feeling of joy, delight and happiness for children everywhere. We present a medley of Christmas Carols sung and shot by our members, without which the holiday season remains incomplete.

Teacher's Day

Teachers always lead their students on the path of righteousness. They imbibe knowledge, values and morals in every young mind and shape them to face the world outside. Paying a tribute to these wonderful teachers, we present this song "In this Moment".

We Are The World

Amidst this global pandemic, we students wanted to contribute to society by creating something that could spread a ray of positivity and hope in these testing times. So we all, took the initiative to record a cover of the famous song, 'We Are The World' by Michael Jackson while staying at home during this lockdown period.

Father's Day

Fathers play a major part in the lives of children. They have a special role in the upbringing and the nurturing of talent in a student. This is a poem written by one of our society members to show our appreciation towards our parents.

Mother's Day

Since Amity has always laid emphasis on a strong value system. Consequently, to sensitized the society towards the selfless being called mother, the members of Crescendo recorded a cover of the song Hey Mama to celebrate Mothers Day.

Lean on me

This song cover of the beautiful song "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers recorded in collaboration with our friends from Father Agnel School spreads the beautiful message of companionship and it's importance, especially during these unprecedented times.

A performance by Apratim Kakoty

Apratim Kakoty, our guitarist practicing during the pandemic to hone and improve his skills.